Recommend a resource

We welcome recommendations of resources for inclusion in the LTER Education Digital Library.  During this phase of the project our library includes learning activity/resources.  A learning activity may be defined as a set of instructions that are presented as a whole, where all parts and ideas are linked and of the same activity.  Learning activities are intentionally organized to improve knowledge, skills and competence, and encourage the transfer and application of information. They should have a predetermined purpose.

Learning activities will:

  • Exist as a stand alone, self contained learning activity/resource
  • Target grades 6 – 16
  • Align with the National Science Standards; with consideration for Next Generation Science Standards
  • Include a LTER network logo, site logo and partner logos
  • Contain its own URL; published on an LTER site or partnering site
  • Include contact email for the LTER site Education Coordinator
  • Provide sufficient and scientifically accurate background based on LTER site research/data
  • Exist in final format
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