About Education Library

The LTER Education Digital Library Project is a centrally located collection of reviewed and annotated digital resources relating to the ongoing efforts of the Long Term Ecologic Research (LTER) Network. Our educational resources are developed in collaboration with a diverse group of nearly 2,000 scientists, educators, artists, and educators located within the continental US, and across the International ILTER including Antarctica and the islands in the Caribbean and Pacific.  

The objective of the Education Digital Library is to develop and contribute to a collection that incorporates LTER research and facilitates the training, teaching and learning about long-term ecological science. Drawing on the diverse expertise of our researchers, our environmentally-based educational resources examine a variety of habitats including: agricultural lands, alpine tundra, barrier islands, coastal lagoons, cold and hot deserts, coral reefs, estuaries, forests, freshwater wetlands, grasslands, kelp forests, lakes, open ocean, savannas, streams and urban landscapes.

As the library continues to grow, our collection will include demonstrations, static visualizations, animations and simulations, videos, podcasts, webinars, photographs, curriculum modules, data nuggets, long term data sets, citizen science protocols, experiments and educational posters. We hope that our resources will be used to inform a broad community of learners in both formal and informal settings.

The LTER Education Digital Library welcomes your participation, feedback, comments, or questions. Please contact us or submit your resources for review.